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I am a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist offering adult counselling and psychotherapy. I have seven years of experience working with adults on a range of issues, both in private practise and for a number of not-for-profit organizations.

There are a number of reasons which may prompt the decision to seek counselling and psychotherapy – a stressful life event, an issue at work, bereavement, a relationship difficulty, or possibly a long held problem that you feel you would like to now address. You may not even be sure about your specific reasons.

I believe, through the provision of a safe, non-judgemental space, counselling and psychotherapy can help us in coming to terms with and addressing painful feelings, a lack of fulfilment, or a feeling of being stuck. Therapy can aid us in developing our awareness and promote greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves, leading to effective change.

If you are considering counselling in Middlesex, Twickenham or Richmond you can contact me on: 07545 836 970


Megan Stafford Counselling

07545 836 970