Integrative psychotherapy is an approach which considers various causes of human struggle and brings together current thinking on our emotional, cognitive/thinking, behavioural, body-based, and neurobiological capacities to create a framework for working with people on an individual basis.

This means that I would draw on a number of different theories to support our work together and find the ones that seem to work best for you. During our work we would review this to ensure we were meeting your current needs.

Differences Between Counselling and Psychotherapy

Many people have asked me what the difference between counselling and psychotherapy is. Arguably, there are few meaningful differences between them. I tend to use the term ‘therapy’ to encompass both.

As a general rule, counselling can be seen as a focussed, problem-orientated approach to addressing specific issues or events that are causing, or have caused, difficulty, distress or conflict for you. Psychotherapy might be seen as a more in depth approach to life stress, our sense of self and the meaning we make of our lives.

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